1. Tell us a little about yourself?


My name is Josh, and I'm 30 years old. I have a bachelor of science degree in nursing. I became disabled due to a work-related injury and have turned to making and 3D printing as an outlet for creativity and a new career. I consider myself an advanced beginner in the world of making, but I'm enjoying every moment of every project because even the failures are teaching me something. I especially enjoy making props for cosplay. 


2. How did you get into 3D printing?


I got into 3D printing by way of game console modding. I started building Game Boy Zeros and other emulator consoles. What pushed me over the edge into buying a printer, however, was the MintyPi that I was building (that's a raspberry pi gaming device in an Altoids tin, there's more info at sudomod.com if you're interested). I needed to print several components, and instead of paying upwards of $40 to have them printed, I decided to buy a printer myself. I figured it was a good investment and could help with future projects. I never anticipated it would turn into something that I love so much and would have such a great and supportive community. 



3. What do you think of 3D printing, and how it affects our everyday life? 


I think we see the start of a new industrial revolution, and that's huge. 3D printing is giving everyday people the ability to create awesome things. Devices and products have become more and more disposable in recent decades, and with production being done in huge factories overseas, I feel we've lost the connection and satisfaction that are making something brings. I grew up watching shows like Star Trek where replicators would be able to miraculously create things out of just energy. I think 3D Printing could very well be the early ancestor of that type of technology. Printers have come so far, and they're printing living tissue, food, metal, and even more incredible things. It's just a fascinating time to be alive. 


4. What's your first 3D printer, and what printers do you recommend?


My first printer was a Creality CR-10 mini. It's since gone through many modifications (which is half the fun of 3D printing, in my opinion). I would recommend the Creality CR-10 v2, Ender 3 pro, and Ender 5 Plus. Resin printers like the Elegoo Mars are also great for highly detailed things. 


5. How do you get inspiration for your designs?


A lot of my designs are functional, like parts to upgrade my printer or something I need for around the house. But for the "fun" designs, I draw a lot of inspiration from sci-fi TV shows, films, and books. Video games are another big source of inspiration, especially for cosplay related designs.





6. Which one do you think is your best design, and why?


I think my best design thus far would be my Cyberdeck. It's a portable computer inspired by the computers found in Cyberpunk novels and films (Neuromancer is a fantastic read by the way). In the books, these devices are the tools of hackers (or deckers as they're called) that let the user connect their minds directly to a virtual cyberspace world. Right now, I'm still in the designing and prototype testing phase of the project, but I plan to make this not only a cool cyberpunk cosplay prop but a fully functional Linux computer using a Raspberry Pi. I'll be posting more about this