The performance of our products is mostly measured by its high compatibility. We work effortlessly with detailed attention in ensuring that we provide the best printing experiences for every customer and 3D Printers.

High compatibility is our major focus and we try out our filament with several 3D printers to check its performance. We test our products on makerbot, reprap, cube and etc, but we also study the properties of each type of 3D Printers, and know the mechanisms beneath its appearance. With this we are able to provide you with filaments that fit every 3D printer with high performance and extrudes beautifully.

Our idea focus on all type of 3D printers, which helps you narrow your purchase to a filament that suits a particular brand of 3D printer. 3D Solutech gives you the assurance that our filament must work even if you create your own 3D printer.