Compatability is the top standard that measure our products performance. We put great attention and hard work on it, in order to provide the best printing experiences for every customers and every 3D Printers. 

This is our major sector that we focused on, and we tried 3D printers as much as possible to see how our filaments performs. We test on my products on makerbot, reprap, cube and etc, but we also study the properties of each type of 3D Printers, and knowing the mechanisms beneath its appearance. By getting to this point, we are capable of delivering you the filaments that fits every 3D printers with no performance lost and extrudes beautifully. Our idea focus on all type of 3D printers, and you will limit yourself to purchase a certain brand of 3D printer. 3D Solutech provides you the confidence that even when you creating your own 3D printers, our filament must work.

Below is our compatability list, if you do not see your printer on the list you can request a sample pack under our Sample selection.

  • All Makerbot series
  • Delta
  • RepRap
  • Cube
  • Ultimaker
  • Lulzbot
  • Afinia
  • Airwolf